Group Session
Hypnosis with Kristin makes for a great group expereince. Guided relaxation workshops, employee wellness programs that promote healthy lifestyle choices, fun and inspiring motivational hypnosis... the choice is yours. Through Kristin's smoking cessation programs, dietary programs, exercise enhancement programs 
and other motivational programs it is sure to be a value added experience. 
Please contact us to see how we can make your event special.
Private Session
Schedule an appointment to meet with me at my downtown office and work one on one. The hypnosis sessions are specifically tailored to your needs and include a customized mp3 of the session to re-enforce the post hypnotic suggestions at home.  Most issue resolve with-in 3 sessions. 



Skype Session/Zoom Session
Real time, Face to Face.
A one on one hypnosis session via web-cam just like an office visit in the comfort of your home. 


Custom Hypnosis Mp3 or CD
An in depth phone consultation followed by a customized MP3 or CD sent right to you. 

Smoking Cesssation 

Hypnosis is THE safe and Natural way to quit smoking.

Hypnosis offers the highest statistical success rate of all smoking cessation products on the market. I offer a single session or a 3 session package rate. The first week we cut you back and focus your mind in preparation for your QUIT DAY. The following week is your QUIT DAY. And the 3rd week we reinforce the success, prevent relapse, and address additional issues such as overeating or anxiety, ect. All sessions include an Mp3 that you can listen to at home to reinforce the post hypnotic suggestions

Hypnosis Gift Certificates

A Meaningful Gift.

Give the gift of a personalized hypnosis session with Kristin...your choice in office, Skype, or custom MP3.

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