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How to make an appointment? 
Use our "Do It Yourself" Scheduler. An online live-time calendar where you choose the best date and time for you, and it shows up on my schedule. It sends you directions and a client intake form as well. 



How much is a session?

Click here and you will be directed to a list of all the services, packages and rates as well as the schedule availability.

Are you able to take insurance? 

I cannot bill insurance, however I am happy to structure payments as needed. Some companies will compensate their employees for my smoking cessation program. Most  FSA's (flexible spending accounts) consider hypnosis a medical expense. 

How many sessions do I need?

Most topics resolve in 4 sessions. All sessions include an MP3 so you can listen at home and reinforce the post-hypnotic suggestions. 

Do I have to pay when I book.  

No. You do enter your C.C. to reserve your spot however charges are only run after the conclusion of the session

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