Damon Dickinson-"Kristin is a powerful hypnotist. I am not easily hypnotized but I went very deep in our session. I was really impressed with the amount of time and care she took to help me discover and decide what to work on. I highly recommend Kristin for hypnosis and making real change in your life"

Disclaimer, Results may vary from person to person.



Goal Planning, Business Developement

Lynn-"Two years ago today I quit smoking cigarettes. I tried the patch, nicotine gum, Chantix, and e cigarettes. Nothing worked until I tried hypnosis. It's a very powerful tool. Since the day of my third and final session I have not smoked! Thank you, Kristin Shelly!"

Disclaimer, Results may vary from person to person


Smoking Cessation

Kurt H- "It is with great pleasure and great appreciation for all that Kristin has done for me that I share this testimonial with anyone that is looking for a helping hand. So far, in my life and I am getting up there, this is the best helping hand I have ever found! I know this testimonial has sounded a little over the top, but the reality is that words cannot express what Kristin has given me. I just cannot think of the scenario where working with Kristin would not help the quite possibly completely resolve it!"

Disclaimer, Results may vary from person to person.



Focus and ADHD

Richard F- "Kristin,She has helped me a lot in ways. I use to bottle everything up and walk around and hold it inside. but know I'm now starting to vent my opinions. I now can sit in a room and not have a panic attack while sitting there waiting on someone to appear. I was a very negative person and thought of all the bad things that could happen. I now think more positive about situations. I start each day of my life now saying to myself. " That today is a beautiful day and thank God for letting me see it." 

Disclaimer, Results may vary person to person


Claustrophobia, Panic Attacks

Dr. R Bunio -"Kristin helped my wife immensely when all other avenues failed to control her severe dental phobia. Despite some initial healthy skepticism on my part Kristin has proven the value of hypnosis as a means to control incapacitating anxiety without medication. She is a caring and profession practitioner and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone needing help of this kind."

Disclaimer, Results may vary from peson to person



Dental Anxiety

Marj- "Kristin, Your tape is kept right by my bed or goes with me on trips. I truly look forward to my time listening to the tapes, and it certainly carries the benefit of pain relief with me during the rest of the day. Thank you for a most rewarding and continuing experience. You are a blessing."

Disclaimer, Results may vary person to person.


Pain Management